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Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Over the years, BIRGER. has been the catalyst for the introduction of innovative solutions and the dissemination of new technologies for various sectors of the economy. BIRGER. accompanies its clients to understand their needs and propose solutions aligned with their digital transformation journeys.


BIRGER. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science offerings are:



AI Insights

BIRGER. assists its clients to derive insights from their data by developing algorithms that allow them to create value and to transform their business through the following offerings:
  • Online Analytics: BIRGER. develops automated solutions to access online content using advanced analytics to get insights.
  • Enterprise Data Analytics: BIRGER. develops AI algorithms to obtain insights from enterprise big data using techniques such as anomaly detection, ascertain correlations and doing predictive analysis based on user requirements.
  • Sentiment Analysis: BIRGER. develops sentiment analysis solutions that can work directly on enterprise data or be plugged to their chatbot allowing emotion analysis. 

AI senses

BIRGER. collects, processes and analyses data to digitalise our physical world through recognition, emotion detection and chatbot development as detailed below: 
  • Computer Vision: BIRGER. offers solutions using computer vision technologies that are able to identify, analyse and optimise vehicle plate numbers  as well as people’s identity recognition, count and  emotion detection.
  • Chatbot: BIRGER. develops chatbots which are virtual assistants that interact with users helping organisations to reduce cost and offer 24/7 services.
The outcome of these offerings ensure contactless interactions. 

AI Technology

Based on its years of experience, BIRGER. is able to advise its clients on the acquisition of the right infrastructure capable of running AI workload to optimise the use of AI applications and software.
BIRGER. proposes the following AI technologies:
  • AI Ready Server: BIRGER. provides servers with Computer Processing Unit (CPU), Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) and Cloud-based Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) capabilities tailored to its clients’ requirements.
  • Intelligent Camera: BIRGER. provides AI Ready camera that allows fever scanning, people count, face recognition integrating with high end servers capable of running deep learning algorithms.

AI Automation

BIRGER. automation solutions allow its clients to save time and effort, ensuring compliance and enhance employees and customer experience.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)BIRGER. accompanies its clients to undergo digital transformation and provides them with RPA solutions to facilitate automation of their processes. Without any human intervention, our clients will gain in effectiveness and productivity
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