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Cash Management

End-to-end Cash Management Service Provider

As a Leading Solutions Provider of the South Indian Ocean Region, BIRGER. offers Payment Solutions including Cards and Retail Banking.

BIRGER. assists banks throughout their development via End-to-End Cash Management Computerized Banking Solutions, including ATM’s, cheque processing and clearing, secured funds transfers, as well as the design and encoding of customised chip cards.

BIRGER. also equips banks with the necessary network infrastructures to optimise the operational security of their various payment systems.

BIRGER. provides Customised Card Solutions to the Retail Sector including the design, personalised printing, incorporating various crucial levels of security on standard Plastic Cards, Magnetic Stripe Cards and Smart Chip Cards. BIRGER. offers its solutions in a Centralised or Decentralised mode for On-site Branch Solutions to the Financial and Retail Sectors.

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