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Menace de sécurité : Attaque de WannaCry Ransomware

A new Cyber Security threat known as ''WannaCry'' has made the news all around the world this weekend. First reported on Friday 12 May 2017, it is a new RansomWare that is affecting most computers running the Windows Operating System and has unfortunately been very successful.
The risk, if you are affected, is that your computer gets encrypted preventing you from accessing your data and you will be asked to pay a ransom.
Different attack vectors to spread this ransomware have been identified, one of them is through a malicious email attachment. Once a computer is infected, the malware will automatically try to replicate and infect other computers without the need of any human intervention.
It is therefore a threat that could not only affect your personal computer but also your company’s systems.
To minimise your risk exposure we recommend you consider the following three steps:
  1. To be extremely cautious when opening unsolicited and suspicious files/links from email or USB Sticks.
  2. To ensure all your Windows servers and workstations have the MS17-10 patch as well as SMBv1 disabled. When possible, Windows Auto Update should be enabled.
  3. To ensure your endpoint Anti-Virus are up to date as well as any of your infrastructure security devices such as your Email Security Gateway, IDS, AV Management platform, Web Filtering Gateway, etc.

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