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Menace Emergente: Alerte de Sécurité de NCR

NCR is releasing a critical APTRA XFS platform firmware component update for both the S1 and the S2 dispensers. This update contains the following changes that are required for protection against Black Box attacks. 
  • The firmware download mechanism has been changed.
  • The remote software update mechanism has been changed.
NCR’s long-standing recommendation has been to configure NCR ATM Currency Dispensers to Level 3 Physical Protection. For all NCR customers who have configured Level 3 Protection as a protection against Black Box attacks on S1 and S2 dispensers, this firmware upgrade is critical to support that protection. Customers should deploy this update as soon as possible. 
NCR is not aware of any attacks to date exploiting these mechanisms. However, NCR believes that attacks are possible if the ATM currency dispensers are not updated.

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