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ATM Notification: Windows 7 End of Support

Microsoft has officially announced the End of Support of Windows 7 on 14th January 2020. Financial Institutions (FI) must start planning now to upgrade their ATM from Windows 7 to Windows 10.


When Microsoft released Windows 7 in October 2009, it committed to support the Operating System (OS) for 10 years. The End of Support notification is aligned with Microsoft’s strategy to deploy new technologies and a better user experience adapted to today’s omni-channel demand.


From 14th January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security patches, updates and technical support for Windows 7 OS.


Potential risks for an ATM running on an out of support Windows OS are:

  • Security patches and upgrades will no longer be released to mitigate the exposure to cyber-attacks and system vulnerabilities
  • Downtimes may impact adversely the image of FI and may give rise to additional support costs
  • Third party software may not run properly, hence limiting functionalities and transactions
  • Non-compliance to industry standards such as PCI DSS
  • Reputational damage


ATM Migration Options


January 2020 seems a long time away, but it is not. Upgrading an ATM network can take numerous months depending on the ATM install base. FI must start planning now to avoid exposure to potential risks associated for an ATM running on an out of support OS. Three migration options available to ATM:


  1. Software migration: The current system may support the migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10, hence only upgrade the Microsoft OS
  2. Processor upgrade and software migration: The processor may have to be upgraded to support Windows 10 migration
  3. System Replacement: A new system will have to be installed to support Windows 10

Windows 10 will lay the foundation for improved omni-channel experience with enhanced functionalities for ATM, which includes:

  • Learned preferences and e-receipts capabilities
  • Enhanced interactions sets using contactless and biometric technologies
  • Physical-to-digital integrations using tablets, videos, mobiles and other technologies
  • Competitive advantage and the drive towards an always-on experience 


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