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Blanche Birger Madagascar is now wearing the colours of BIRGER.

Blanche Birger Madagascar SARL, incorporated in December 1955, is one of the oldest and renowned IT service providers to the banking and enterprise sectors in Madagascar. 
Since December 2019, BIRGER. acquired 100% shareholding in Blanche Birger Madagascar SARL. Blanche Birger Madagascar SARL is now wearing the colours of BIRGER. 
Today, BIRGER. has 2 subsidiaries in Madagascar: Blanche Birger Madagascar SARL and Birger Madagascar SARLU which, are jointly managed to provide value-added services and solutions in the fields of Technology, Security and Resiliency. 
The objective of this rebranding is to pool together the complementary strengths of both BIRGER.’s subsidiaries in Madagascar i.e Blanche Birger Madagascar SARL and Birger Madagascar SARLU. This new corporate identity for Blanche Birger Madagascar SARL will guarantee its development locally, regionally and continentally under the corporate identity of BIRGER.
A strong and robust brand will enable us to demonstrate the values, the culture and the philosophy of our company, but it will also communicate our history, our experience and our know-how. This new identity will ensure loyalty of all our stakeholders by sending a strong message that we are one company, eliminating all confusion between our subsidiaries in Madagascar.
By choosing the name of BIRGER., we opt for a name, a brand, an image, and a logo that is easy to recognise allowing a single communication strategy for all our companies.
Since both our entities in Madagascar have a strong goodwill, we have decided to keep the two legal entities with their respective names to maintain a link with their origins, whilst working together by leveraging on their competencies and strengths.
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