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Cyber Security Survey Results You can Trust

BIRGER. will carry out its annual Cyber Security Survey during October 2020 - The Global Cyber Security Awareness Month - with the objective to enhance the Cyber Security of our region. 
Year on year more participants, involved in Cyber Security have trusted us ensuring its accuracy.
Respondents maturity is measured using BIRGER. CYIndex based on our 7-step approach. 
  1. Profiling: Participants are involved in either Cyber Security Strategy, IT, Risk or Cyber Security Operations.
  2. Responses: Our underlying approach critically analyses responses obtained. 
  3. Computation: Responses are computed, analysed and correlated by an independent Consultant. 
  4. Benchmark: Results are benchmarked. 
  5. Accuracy: Results are validated with our regional intelligence and insights from our partners.
  6. Quality Assurance:  Preliminary findings are critically reviewed for any errors, omissions and inaccuracies.
  7. Insights: Findings are compiled into a value-added report using our industry expertise.
Our 7-step approach is our strength and this is why you can trust BIRGER. Cyber Security results.
DCDM Research, a Marketing and Social Research company providing solutions across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, has been entrusted to carry out BIRGER. Cyber Security Survey 2020. DCDM Research will contact you in October.
We assure you that all responses collected by DCDM Research will be treated in the utmost confidentiality and these will be analysed in aggregate. Your contribution is important to achieve this objective.
For more information in connection with Cyber Security, please contact Mr. Parwez Bhugalee, our Executive - Marketing and Business Development on [230] 202 0365 or by mail
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