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Fire at Phoenix, Mauritius

Please be informed that there was a minor fire which broke out on Friday 18th June 2021 at our Technology Operation Centre, at Phoenix, in Mauritius.
During the waterproofing maintenance of our building at about 2.00 p.m smoke erupted into the amphitheatre. Prompt actions were taken, whereby the fire services were called and all employees were evacuated from the building following our Fire and Safety Procedures.
The source of the smoke was identified as fire  caused, in the insulation zone between the amphitheatre and demonstration area of the building,  as a result of the waterproofing maintenance works. Fortunately, it was a small fire which was localised.
By 4.00 p.m the fire was extinguished and all employees were authorised to access the building to resume work.  The damage is minimal with no injuries and no major impairment to the building or its infrastructure.
Please rest assured that everything is under control, the building is safe and secured and all our business activities continue as normal.
Stay secure and safe.
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