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GDPR: Go Live Notification

GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation) becomes effective worldwide on 25 May 2018. This regulation governs how organisations handle, protect, treat and communicate personal data. Non-compliance to GDPR is punishable by law and regulators can fine organisations € 20M or 4% of the company’s turnover.
BIRGER. started an awareness campaign on GDPR in June 2017 to inform and prepare the business community on the implications of this regulation. Organisations can be directly or indirectly affected by GDPR. We sent out regular communiqués, hosted discussions and round tables, participated in events and engaged directly with some parties during this campaign. Our involvement was not limited to Mauritius and we travelled to Madagascar, Seychelles and East Africa to create awareness around the topic.
Data and security form an integral part of BIRGER.’s strategy, which is based on three core services, namely Technology – Security - Resiliency. This approach allows us to assist organisations to protect people’s most valuable assets. 
To become compliant with GDPR, organizations should secure their people, processes and technologies. By being GDPR compliant, organizations will improve their overall security posture and become more competitive.
Our proposed five-pronged approach should be followed to become GDPR compliant:


  1. Awareness: Know where your data resides.
  2. Protection: Protect your data to ensure it is not lost.
  3. Detection: Detect when a data incident is happening.
  4. Notification: Notify authorities of any data incident.
  5. Resilience: Ensure that your organization is Resilient in case of an incident.
In line with GDPR requirements and our strategic approach, please inform us whether you would like to continue receiving our:
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