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Natural Disasters a business threat

Global climate change is a driver of extreme weather conditions which is a direct threat to businesses. Extreme climatic conditions, such as Droughts lead to water shortage, Heat waves cause fires, Cyclonic winds destroy our assets, Tidal waves damage our coast lines and Flash Floods create chaos in our countries, require businesses to put in place Resiliency Plans.
Assessing the impact of these extreme Natural Disasters on our business and our assets is the first step to develop a Resiliency Plan. Such assessments must be objective to ensure we understand the impact of these Natural Disasters to design a Business Continuity Plan in the event of such a Threat.
Organisations have to plan against these Threats to avoid business disruption, significant business down time and adversely impacting business revenues. By understanding the impact of the risks caused by extreme Natural Disasters on our business internal processes and technologies, we can prepare ourselves against such Threats.
Outsourcing the Business Continuity Management process is a way to cut costs and improve efficiency while gaining access to new technologies and know-how from specialised service providers. A number of important points will have to be considered such as:
  • Focusing on the continuity of the most important business processes as an essential component of managing operational resilience;
  • Setting board-approved impact tolerances which quantify the level of disruption that could be tolerated; and
  • Planning on the assumption that Natural Disasters will occur to seek to recover from them.

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