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Recovery Plan for a Progressive Exit from Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic is still unfolding, but it is already clear that building organisational resiliency has become more important than ever.


As we slowly evolve through the pandemic, organisations are starting to think about the recovery of their operations and returning to the new normality. While the post-pandemic business environment is far from certain, there are many key issues for organisations to consider. It is important for your organisation to have a well-defined recovery plan to ensure you progressively exit from the lockdown to protect your operations.
ContinuityMauritius, a subsidiary of BIRGER., specialises in business continuity and offers complete end-to-end business continuity solutions encompassing Advisory, Trainings, ICT Continuity and Work Area Recovery facilities and infrastructure. 
To resume work at the office normally, one of the key requirements is social distancing to limit the spread of the virus. Our Recovery Centre is fully operational and available for you to consider extra segregated space in order to comply with the social distancing requirements. In addition to our fully equipped seats (PC, Desk, Chair, IP Phone, Broadband Internet) in our syndicated area, we also have segregated offices that each can accommodate up to four persons in Phoenix and Port Louis. 


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