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Torrential Rain Threats require Business Continuity Planning

The frequency and intensity of torrential rains and sudden weather changes causing flash floods are on the rise. 
These threats can cause your premises to become inaccessible and disrupt your operations, impacting your services, financial performance, reputation as well as the inability to meet your contractual and regulatory requirements. 
There is not just natural disasters; fire, cyber threats, technology and human failures can all disrupt your business.
Having an up-to-date and fully tested Business Continuity Plan would proactively prepare you for all these challenges and enable you to continue business operations in the event of a disruption.
ContinuityMauritius is the leading specialist Business Continuity Company offering an unparalleled depth of skills and experience in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. We offer proven end-to-end business continuity solutions encompassing Advisory on the implementation of best practice business continuity programmes, Trainings, ICT Recovery and Work Area Recovery facilities and infrastructure.
Our fully equipped Recovery Centre is maintained in a constant state of readiness in order to ensure rapid occupation by customers whenever needed.
Because we are syndicating most of the infrastructure such as utilities, generators UPS systems, skills, security, building management etc., we can offer our services as an operational expense far more efficiently than a capital-based expense typical of in-house built facilities.
For any information on ContinuityMauritius and its offerings, please visit our website or contact Mr. Dan Faugoo, General Manager on [230] 403 6800 or by mail
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