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Is your organisation prepared for upcoming Natural Threats?

Summer is back in the Southern Hemisphere, heralding the start of Natural Disasters Threats in the Indian Ocean Region. Has your organisation defined, implemented and tested its Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan with the advent of these Natural Threats?
Natural Disasters Threats in the Indian Ocean Region are synonymous with Cyclones, Heavy Rain Falls, Flash Floods, Lightning and Thunderstorms. The scope of devastation that Natural Disasters bring have long term consequences on all organisations and national economies. Well managed organisations and countries are able to rebuild after any Natural Disaster in the long term.
Climate Change is not something happening here or there but everywhere, and all at once. With Climate Change, Natural Disasters will gain in intensity and frequency. Their consequences will not diminish but increase.
To Respond and Recover quickly from these more frequent and unpredictable Natural Disasters, all organisations and countries must have well defined Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.

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