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Since 2008, we provide a complete Business Continuity Management and Resiliency Services, unique in Mauritius. We have pioneered business continuity activities in Mauritius by providing consultancy and training to raise the awareness of our customers to the need of having business continuity plans. We assist our customers to resume their activities timely in case of disruptive events.




BIRGER. provides end-to-end Business Continuity Management (BCM) solutions in compliance with internationally recognised standards, which are designed to enhance business resiliency in an age of escalating disruptive events.


Why Business Continuity Management?

Businesses, government institutions as well as non-governmental organisations operate in a volatile and uncertain environment, which means that they must be able to manage their risks. This process entails understanding the business impact of these risks and ensuring that reasonable steps are taken to recover from disruptive events. Business continuity planning and regular business continuity testing ensure organisations are more resilient to face unforeseen events.


Resiliency Services

BIRGER. offers a comprehensive range of business continuity solutions such as Data Centres with Work Area Recovery Facilities, Advisory Services ranging from Business Impact Analysis to Crisis Management Planning and Business Continuity Management Training.


Advisory Services

In an era of fast and perpetual evolution, developing an extensive business continuity strategy and enhancing overall resiliency are essential for the sustainability of an organisation. Our flexible methodology covers both strategic and operational elements of BCM and offers specialised consulting on Enterprise Risk Management.


BIRGER. provides a range of fully managed business resiliency services:

  • Risk – Ensuring customers understand the risks (and opportunities) they face
  • Resiliency – Strengthening an organisation’s ability to withstand and adapt when faced with disruptive events
  • Recovery – Helping customers recover from disruptive incidents


Data Centre Services

BIRGER. provides IT services and solutions that will help organisations mitigate and recover from IT and other disruptive events without the capital expenditure and management skills required to set up their own IT disaster recovery facilities. We use new technologies such as Cloud Computing as well as abundant, affordable bandwidth to craft tailored solutions to reduce risks, build resiliency and ensure a quick recovery from any disruptive event. All our solutions are carefully developed to ensure that they support the overall Business Continuity Management Plan.


Resilient Office Services

Alternative work areas for staff, IT disaster recovery sites and associated investments both in time and money, not to mention loss of focus on one’s core business, are among the highest fixed overheads for any business. BIRGER. has more than a decade of experience in providing robust infrastructure and network on which clients can rely when disaster strikes.

Our Resilient Office services cover three main areas:

  • Work Area Recovery – Alternative Office and Call Centre space when customer’s offices cannot be accessed
  • Managed Office Spaces – Primary Office Space tailored to customers’ requirements and offered as a service
  • Colocation – Fully managed space in our Data Centres for customers, IT equipment either for disaster recovery or production


Training Academy

BIRGER. provides standardised and customisable training as well as awareness solutions in Business Continuity Management. All our trainings are approved by Mauritian authorities, i.e. MQA and HRDC. We also offer the following Business Continuity Certification courses:

  • BCI Good Practice Guideline 2018
  • ISO 22301 Lead Implementer
  • ISO 22301 Lead Auditor
  • ISO 22301 Foundation
  • Complete Continuity® Practitioner Programme
  • Continuity® Practitioner Foundation Programme


Our Recovery Centre

To make sure that we provide valued Business Continuity & Resiliency services to our customers, our Recovery Centre is located within our Technology Operation Centre, at Phoenix.

Our Recovery Centre boasts the following features among others:

  • Strategically located in the centre of the island, easily accessible in 30 minutes from any part of the island
  • Excellent location along the M1 motorway, next to the Valentina-Bagatelle link flyover
  • Easily accessible to public transport, including buses
  • Secure environment with 24-hour security
  • 2,400 m² of Recovery Centre floor space with potential to expand
  • Two controlled entrance gates provide access to parkings for more than 50 vehicles
  • Modern and upmarket features including a cafeteria, shower and dormitory facilities
  • Fully equipped amphitheatre with 80 seats capacity, which can accommodate business events and trainings
  • Improved and modern Data Centre, with redundant power supply as well as gas fire suppression systems
  • Resilient power and water supply systems with diesel generators and water storage tanks on site for portable water in office areas to cater for utility service failures
  • The building is energy efficient, making use of intelligent lighting and maximum natural light


Why BIRGER. Resiliency Services?

  • Peace of mind
  • End-to-end Business Continuity Management Integrator
  • Experience
  • Technology Agnostic and Vendor Independent
  • Flexible, Scalable, Proven Solutions


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