Our Security Services

BIRGER. has been designing and deploying physical and Cyber Security solutions in the Indian Ocean Islands over the past decades in partnership with international security technology providers. Today, BIRGER. has strong internal Cyber Security capabilities.

With the creation of BIRGER.’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) in 2010, we have gained experience in providing 24/7 support to the Indian Ocean Islands. BIRGER.’s investment and focus on Cyber Security since 2015 is a natural evolution bringing together partnerships, competencies and experiences to become a Pan African Cyber Security service provider.

Birger. Security Services

Physical Security

  • Physical Access Control
  • Trusted Indentities
  • CCTV Solutions
  • Monitoring

Cyber Defence Centre

  • Security Operation Centre
  • 24/7 Managed Security Services
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Threat Intelligence

Cyber Security Consulting

  • Advisory
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Assessment & Audit

Cyber Security Academy

  • Awareness
  • Technical Training
  • Security Certifications
  • Workshops

Cyber Security Technology

  • Priviledged Identity Management
  • Data Protection
  • Encryption
  • End Point Security
  • Perimeter Security
  • Cloud Security

Integrated Physical
Security Solutions

At BIRGER. we have been deploying both physical security and logical security solutions covering premises, IT infrastructures, communication networks, and self-service terminal for decades.

Cyber Security

Coupled with Integrated Security, BIRGER. offers a comprehensive set of Cyber Security services and solutions delivered through key partnerships and local presence across the Indian Ocean Islands and East Africa.


Cyber Defense

BIRGER.’s Cyber Defence Centre (CDC) offers various services aimed at detecting, preventing and responding to cyber security attacks and incidents, such as:

  • Vulnerability Assessments to get an overview of a company's security posture;
  • Penetration Testing Exercises to get a more in-depth security view of a company's key assets;
  • Incidence Response to help our customers to understand and recover from attacks;
  • Security Operation Center (CDC), and Managed Security Services (MSS) provide visibility as well as an incident response framework using cyber threats.

BIRGER. has a Cyber Defence Centre (CDC) dedicated to the African region as part of its strategy to offer a complete set of services including proximity services and just-in-time support. Our CDC started operation in 2016 and is powered by advanced SOC and MSS Technologies, which leverages on Global Intelligence Network.

A team of certified security engineers are dedicated to our SOC, supported by international security experts to ensure world class security services. We also provide MSS solutions from other vendors such as IBM, Symantec and CISCO.

The main advantages of BIRGER.'s MSS offering are:

  • Improved visibility into emerging threats
  • Industry leader technology
  • Access to security experts
  • 24x7 surveillance
  • Facilities and redundancy
  • Faster response and resolution of security incidents
  • Cyber security awareness
  • Objective security analysis
  • Compliance and reporting

BIRGER. Threat

Threat Intelligence is information gathered, processed, and analysed to learn about a threat actor's motivations, targets, and attack patterns.

Our security analyst team multiple big data analytics and threat intelligence feed from multiple sources to eliminate false positives and focus on targeted investigations.

Our CDC gives us a 24x7x365 visibility on the threat landscape in our region. Through the application of business context to all anomalies and trends, correlated with threat intelligence, we can mitigate and overcome cybersecurity challenges of our customers; resulting in a shift from a reactive to a proactive approach in the fight against threat actors.

Security Survey


BIRGER. CYIndex was introduced by BIRGER. in its first Cyber Security survey carried out in 2017. It is derived from input of respondents from our network in the Cyber Security domain across different sectors in our region and is based on the following 5 key functions.

BIRGER. CYIndex allows respondents to evaluate their Cyber Security posture against their sector and country with the view to implement the required actions and measures aligned with international best practice.

Year on year more participants, involved in Cyber Security are invited to participate in our Cyber Security Survey.


Cyber Security

BIRGER. has been continuously investing in its people to ensure they are trained and certified to recognised standards as well as attracting talents who are subject matter experts.

This provides BIRGER. with a strong team of security professionals able to deliver cyber security consulting and better advise companies on their cyber security risks posture on a wide range areas following proven methodologies.

With real world and years of experience, BIRGER. can help reviewing companies' security infrastructure through Architecture review and Security audit exercises.


Cyber Security

With the opening of BIRGER.'s Cyber Defence Center, a training facility was equipped and BIRGER.'s Cyber Security Academy (CSA) aims to provide leading training courses and awareness campaigns by our qualified cyber security staff and key partners with leading, regional, and international education organisations.

BIRGER.'s CSA focuses on research and knowledge sharing activities around cyber security to grow its Internal Cyber Security Intelligence as well as contributing to the wider regional cyber security community.


Cyber Security

Through all our Business Units, we can leverage our development upon system and network security experience and offer various technology security solutions that are best adapted to our customers' needs.

BIRGER. has extensive experience in deploying network security solutions such as firewall and web filtering appliances through key partnerships.

For many years, BIRGER. has been implementing comprehensive enterprise and infrastructure security technologies related to email security, data and disk encryption, Data Loss Protection and endpoint security solutions with advanced anti-virus and persistent threat protection technologies.

Combining our advanced technology expertise with cyber security, allows us to monitor and customers' sensitive data and other digital assets at rest or in motion.

For more information on our Security Solutions, please contact us by mail at:

E: security@birger.technology