Our Technology Services

BIRGER. has delivered technology services and solutions to the Banking, Insurance, Retail and Telecommunication industries as well as to Governments for decades..

We have developed specific expertise in self-service terminals, payment solutions, enterprise systems, network and communications, trusted identities and secured transactions, as depicted below.

Technology Services

Infrastructure & Datacentre

  • Enterprise Secured Infrastructure
  • Data Protection
  • Virtualisation
  • Hyper Converged Insfrastructure
  • Cloud

Network & Unified Communication

  • IP Communication
  • Enterprise Network Infrastructure
  • Network Security & Optimisation

Software Development

  • Payment System
  • Mobile Solution
  • System Integration
  • Contact Centre

Retail Banking

  • Switch
  • ATM & ITM
  • POS Terminal
  • Card Management
  • Integrated Security
  • Cheque System
  • End-to-end Cash Solution

Office Solutions

  • Copying & Imaging Solutions
  • Document Management Solution
  • Retail Point of Sales

Network Operations Centre

  • Contact Centre Services
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Remote & Onsite Support
  • Data Centre Relocation Services

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

  • AI Insights
  • AI Senses
  • AI Technology
  • AI Automation


& Data Centre

BIRGER. provides the following enterprise solutions

  • High-End Virtualisation for corporate IT infrastructures
  • High-Availability and Data Replication solutions for Recovery in case of system failure
  • Smart Data Back-up/Storage Solutions to optimise archiving
  • Tailor-made Software Development
  • Data integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)


Networks & Unified

BIRGER. offers enterprise wide end-to-end telecommunications solutions encompassing:

  • 01. Borderless Network
  • 02. Network Management
  • 03. Ethernet Access
  • 04. Voice Recording
  • 05. Voice Compression
  • 06. Call Accounting System

Our teams of certified network and telecommunications engineers commit to provide the best available network infrastructures in order to maximise organisational security and communication in real time. BIRGER. implements telephony and unified communication systems via IP-based communication infrastructures.

BIRGER. also proposes Data, Voice & Video Network and Mobile Telephony solutions, thus optimising Call & Support Centre BPO software and systems, as well as Interactive Voice Response and Timed Response Monitoring.



BIRGER. has cumulated experience in various technologies over the past decades specialising in the financial sector and Contact Centre solutions. Our team comprising of dynamic, certified and experienced engineers, business analysts and skilled software developers collaborate to design, develop, implement and maintain tailor-made end-to-end solutions based on specific clients’ needs.

We have developed solutions for critical environments and assisted Banks with an Omnichannel Cheque Truncation Solution. We have also implemented the Centralised Direct Debit Solution as per the Central Bank of Mauritius requirements for numerous Banks.

BIRGER. has developed Mobile Applications in business sectors like route accounting, CRM, order taking and sales invoicing. Our team is fluent with desktop, mobile and web applications.

BIRGER. also proposes Restaurant and Retail Solutions, Learning Management Solutions, Leave Management Solutions with integration with payroll system, Barcode & RFID Asset Tracking, Visitor Management Solutions and Event Management Solutions.


Retail Banking

BIRGER. innovated in the retail banking sector by introducing the first standalone ATM in Mauritius in 1987 and in Madagascar in 1998. With the introduction of on-line communication a couple of years later, international payment exchange, including POS and EFT, could be made through Visa/Mastercard network.

BIRGER. is now supplying the latest generation of multi-function Intelligent ATM’s with envelope free deposits for cash and cheque functionalities. BIRGER. has a very long partnership since 1953 with NCR for Selfservice, Payment and Retail POS solutions. We work very closely with most of the Regional banks in the Indian Ocean Islands in providing an end-to-end solution including Card Management and Security Solutions.

BIRGER. also proposes complete Cheque Processing Solutions as per the Central Banks requirements and regulation and full EFT solutions.


Cash Solutions

BIRGER. offers multi-channel solutions which include fully-fledged ATM systems, end-to-end cheque imaging solutions and branch automation systems. Integrated infrastructure systems span from servers, virtualisation, storage, real time back-up systems to business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. Back-office solutions cover cash management including notes and coin counting machines, sorting and wrapping machines.

BIRGER. also equips banks with the necessary network infrastructures to optimise the operational security of their various payment systems.

BIRGER. provides Customised Card Solutions to the Retail Sector including the design, personalised printing, incorporating various crucial levels of security on standard Plastic Cards, Magnetic Stripe Cards and Smart Chip Cards. BIRGER. offers its solutions in a Centralised or Decentralised mode for On-site Branch Solutions to the Financial and Retail Sectors.



BIRGER. offers two key office solutions:

  • 01. Multifunctional Copying & Imaging solutions
  • 02. Document Management Solutions, providing highest quality.

BIRGER. Office Solutions targets best-quality office machines and equipment to fit the specific needs of each business. Our scope extends to banks, governments, schools and tertiary institutions and a wide range of professional organisations.

BIRGER. products include All-In-One machines, Duplicators, Photocopiers and Scanners.

Our Office Automation equipment service facilitates daily office transactions via Envelope Printing Machines, Mailing Systems, Folding and Insertion Machines.


Network Operations

Our Network Operations Centre monitors the after-sales service of BIRGER. for all its customers within the Indian Ocean Islands. Our Network Operations Centre responds to our customer calls, allocates incidents to our field engineers, ensures that all incidents are addressed promptly and reports back to our customers. Our qualified and experienced engineers provide 1st and 2nd Line Hardware Maintenance Services, Software Maintenance, Diagnostics and Problem Resolution Services, and Networks Monitoring. We strive to make our service delivery the reference in our region.

BIRGER. Service & Support Centre provides a 24/7 basis service with:

  • 01. After-Sales Services
  • 02. IT Support
  • 03. Remote Monitoring and Remote Support

aligned with its customers’ technical requirements. Our specialised workshops comprise of full-fledged teams of experienced, qualified and certified engineers and technicians to provide maintenance and repair services for all our equipment.

BIRGER. proposes Full Service Level Agreement consisting of Maintenance with labour and parts.

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Birger Managed Solutions
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Phoenix, Mauritius




Artificial Intelligence
& Data Science (AI&DS)

BIRGER. accompanies its clients to understand their needs and propose solutions aligned with their digital transformation journeys. Our AI&DS offerings covers:

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

AI Insights

  • Online Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis

AI Senses

  • Computer Vision
  • Chatbot

AI Technology

  • AI Ready Server
  • Intelligent Camera

AI Automation

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

AI Insights

BIRGER. assists its clients to derive insights from their data by developing algorithms that allow them to create value and to transform their business through the following offerings:

  • Online Analytic

    BIRGER. develops automated solutions to dig into online content using advanced analytics to get insights.

  • Enterprise Data Analytics

    BIRGER. develops AI algorithms to extract insights from enterprise big data using technique such as anomaly detection, to ascertain correlations and doing predictive analysis based on user requirements.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    BIRGER. develops sentiment analysis solutions that can work directly on enterprise data or be plugged to their chatbot allowing emotion analysis. 

AI Senses

BIRGER. collects, processes and analyses data to digitalise our physical world through Computer Vision and chatbot development as detailed below:

  • Computer Vision

    BIRGER. offers solutions using computer vision technologies that are capable of analysing and optimising, vehicle plate number identification as well as people’s identity recognition, count and emotion detection.

  • Chatbot

    BIRGER. develops chatbots which are virtual assistants that interact with users hence helping organisations to reduce cost and offer 24/7 services.

The outcome of these offerings ensure contactless interactions.

AI Technology

BIRGER. is able to advise its clients on the acquisition of the right infrastructure capable of running AI workload to optimise the use of AI applications and software. AI Technology can be categorised in the following categories:

  • AI Ready Server

    BIRGER. provides servers with Computer Processing Unit (CPU), Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) and Cloud-based Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) capabilities tailored to its clients’ requirements.

  • Intelligent Camera

    BIRGER. provides AI Ready camera that allows fever scanning, people count, face recognition integrating with high end servers capable of running deep learning algorithms.

IA Automatisation

BIRGER. automation solutions allow its clients to save time and effort with AI Automation, ensuring compliance and enhance employees and customer experience.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

    BIRGER. accompanies its clients to undergo digital transformation and provides them with RPA solutions to facilitate automation of their processes. Without any human intervention covering data entry capturing and automation, our clients will gain in effectiveness and productivity. 

For more information on our Technology Solutions & Services, please contact us by mail at:

E: technology@birger.technology