About Us

Over the years, BIRGER. has been the catalyst for the introduction of innovative solutions and the dissemination of new technologies for various economic sectors. Leveraging on our experience in Technology and Security, we offer Resiliency services.

Who is BIRGER.?


BIRGER. now covers 9 territories in the Indian Ocean Islands (IOI) and East Africa.

Our 3 core services are

At BIRGER., we deliver optimal Support Services with the collaboration of our local certified employees. We ensure that customers transform the Data at the heart of their business to gain a competitive advantage. We train our People continuously during their career to gain technical, managerial and leadership skills. BIRGER. respects its promise and shows dedication consistently when delivering its 3 core services in all 9 territories.


Blanche, Birger Co Ltd (Blanche, Birger) is a family business incorporated in Mauritius in 1953 as the representative of NCR for mechanical cash registers/accounting machines, general retailer of household and hardware products. Blanche, Birger began its regionalisation process in 1955 by opening an office in Madagascar followed by another one in Reunion Island in 1957.

Blanche, Birger soon diversified its activities to other sectors of the economy such as Insurance Brokerage, Building Materials and Office Equipment activities. In the early 1970’s, the company installed its first main frame NCR computer and opened its service bureau, providing electronic data processing for local companies.

In 2010, it was decided to focus the activities of the company on providing technology solutions and services in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region. On 30th of April 2015, the strategic metamorphosis of Blanche, Birger culminated with the unveiling and launch of its new brand: BIRGER.

Why Choose Us?

  • BIRGER. is organised into 3 Core Services and 10 Business Units. Our experienced, qualified and certified professionals strive to meet customer specific needs as per their increasing technological requirements, in order to address today’s global challenges.

    BIRGER. is a service provider of Multiple Technology Solutions for both public and private organisations to operate with total flexibility and security. Green, Responsible, Excellence, Adaptable, Trusted-integrity are our main values towards our employees, customers, partners and community.

  • BIRGER. has expanded its operations from Mauritius to the Indian Ocean Islands and Eastern Africa.

    We operate hubs to cover specific geographical areas. This operating model enables us to provide timely on-site local support and services to our customers from our local offices.

    BIRGER. offers all its services and solutions through its offices in 9 countries: Comoros Islands, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rodrigues, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania and Uganda.

  • BIRGER.’s proven experience in industry specific fields of activity and technological competence ensures that we meet our customers’ expectations promptly in a professional manner. BIRGER. applies proven methodologies and best practices in its service and solution delivery model. 

    By choosing BIRGER., customers rely on our teams of specialised resources and complete range of ICT and Technology-Driven Solutions and Services to address their specific challenges and needs. BIRGER. acts as a One-Stop Shop for state-of-the-art ICT Solutions, aligned with industry standards.

    BIRGER.’s professional deliveries rely on latest proven technologies ensuring Holistic Secured Systems to be deployed through our Quick Response Time and Personalised Client Management Services.

    BIRGER.’s priority is to ensure that our solutions are secured and aligned with customers’ expectations. This contributes to the peace of mind of all stakeholders.

  • BIRGER.’s experienced, qualified and certified Resources assist our customers on a 24h/7 basis with After-Sales Services, IT Support, Remote Monitoring and Remote Support. Our skilled Engineers provide the Design, Installation and Implementation of Solutions. BIRGER. offers Full Service Level Maintenance with labour and parts.

  • To ensure Business Continuity across its region, BIRGER. has developed a number of guidelines covering various risks and has taken the necessary measures to face disruptive events. 
    These measures includes:

    • Resilient power and water supply systems with diesel generators and water storage tanks on site for potable water in office areas to cater for utility service failures.
    • Redundant wireless internet connectivity with different Telecommunication Companies.
    • Back up of all systems and infrastructure – double site redundancy in different locations.
    • Food supplies onsite to ensure continuity of work during disruptive events.
  • Since its rebranding exercise in 2015, BIRGER. communicates regularly with its stakeholders. 

    Our deployed communication strategies and Corporate Identity ensure consistent communications across our region with easily recognised fonts, colours and visuals which also translates our strong identity.

    Our preferred communication channels:

    • BIRGER. website: revamp website in 2022 to promote our brand, services and solutions. 
    • BIRGER. NewsIT:  introduced in 2016 for official email communications. Its purpose is to create      awareness on current matters, emerging threats, trends, events, training among others. To date some 180 NewsIT have been sent to our stakeholders across our region and to our worldwide partners.
    • BIRGER. events (face-to-face or online) across our region, including Conferences, Breakfast meetings, Presentations and SummIT.
    • Press and publications in local magazines and daily newspapers
    • Use of social media: LinkedIn and WhatsApp 
    • Email signatures: centralised and personalised. 
    • BIRGER. Access cards:  for quick identification of employees and authorised parties within our locations. 
    • BIRGER. flags in front of our properties.


  • BIRGER. PartnerIT is our eLearning platform accessible from any device at any time and from anywhere. Monthly training is delivered to all our staff on any topic covering BIRGER.’s Corporate Affairs, Our Solutions and Customer Care.

    Our online platform includes modules with a duration of 15 minutes. At the end of each module, a quiz summarises the contents to evaluate the knowledge acquired.

    These learning modules also serve as induction to newly recruited employees during the first months of their employment at BIRGER.

  • Since 2012, BIRGER. has hosted various editions of its in-house comprehensive technical training programme, PARTENARIAT. The objective of this training is to transfer technical and practical knowledge to our employees across the Indian Ocean Islands and East Africa. 

    PARTENARIAT is a sustained commitment of BIRGER. towards its clients in the region to further enhance its customer support services. This commitment is reinforced with the consolidation of our regional support team as well as the transfer of know-how from our experts to our technical teams.

    The training programmes are closed with the award of the certificate. This certificate is a testimony of competency achieved by our technicians based on BIRGER.'s criteria to entrust them the service and support of our customers in the region.

  • Since 2011, BIRGER. nurtures and upskills its employees over their careers with the enrolment on the "Certificate in Management Development”. This leadership programme, delivered by accredited universities, includes modules covering Management, Communication, Customer Service and Marketing among others. 

Our Vision

The trusted Pan African partner providing end-to-end technological solutions.

Our Mission

A Centre of Excellence, empowering our people, to provide proximity services for the benefit of our stakeholders and the community.

Our Values
  • Green

  • Responsible

  • Excellence

  • Adaptable

  • Trusted-integrity

Our Code of Ethics
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Our Board Charter
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