BIRGER. CYIndex: 2017 Cyber Security Index

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09 Apr 2019

BIRGER. Participated in the Reforestation of Citadel

BIRGER.'s participation to this reforestation project has allowed its employees to champion the environment by, inter alia, planting endemic plants.

09 Nov 2020

Is your Organisation FSC Compliant?

Financial Services Commission has set out the guiding principles with regards to Cyber Security Risk Governance that request Management Companies to comply with these whilst carrying out their business activities.

17 Mar 2020

BIRGER. Contingency Planning Covid-19: Scheduled Work from Home Drill

Following COVID-19 pandemic across the globe and in anticipation of a national shut down in Mauritius, BIRGER. invoked its Business Continuity Plan for one day on Wednesday 18 March 2020.