GDPR: one-year countdown

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21 May 2015


Six décennies d’histoire et de contribution à l’économie mauricienne, la firme Blanche, Birger est récemment passée par un exercice de rebranding et est désormais connue comme ‘BIRGER.’.

08 Feb 2019

Security Alert: Beware of Sextortion Scams

54.7% of worldwide emails are spams as they are irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet. To manage the volume of SPAMs BIRGER. proposes a 4-step approach.

30 Nov 2023


BIRGER. Mth Floor in the Metaverse forms part of our future ways of work, where reality and virtuality seamlessly merge to create the virtual workspaces that are reshaping the way we work, collaborate, and connect.