The strategic metamorphosis of Blanche, Birger

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04 Feb 2015

Un marché d’un million d’euros pour Blanche Birger Maurice

Le plan quinquennal de développement de Blanche Birger, lancé en 2012 par son CEO Jacques Harel, vise à réaliser 50% du chiffre d’affaires à l’extérieur de Maurice.

12 May 2021

BIRGER. Cyber Security Survey 2020

Covid-19 has created a new reality and we do not expect to go back to the previous one. Organisations have had to adapt their operating model to ensure the continuity of their operations.

17 Dec 2019

BIRGER. acquires 100% Shareholding in Blanche, Birger Madagascar

Blanche, Birger Madagascar is one of the oldest IT and Office equipment suppliers to the banking and enterprise sectors in Madagascar.