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15 May 2017

Security Threat - WannaCry Ransomware Attack

A new Cyber Security threat known as ''WannaCry'' has made the news all around the world this weekend. First reported on Friday 12 May 2017, it is a new RansomWare that is affecting most computers running the Windows Operating System and has unfortunately been very successful.

21 Dec 2021

Best Wishes for a Blessed Christmas & a Healthy Prosperous New Year 2022

Our best wishes for a Blessed Christmas. Enjoy moments of comfort with your love ones and may 2022 be a Healthy Prosperous New Year.

05 Oct 2016

NCR- BIRGER la sécurité, maître mot des cartes bancaires dernière génération

La société NCR, connue pour son expertise dans le domaine des guichets automatiques bancaires, compte introduire à Maurice, avec le concours de BIRGER, la technologie «tap and pin». L’objectif étant de garantir un usage plus sûr des distributeurs de billets.