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13 Dec 2023

BIRGER. Sustainability

A value embraced by all employees

15 Nov 2023

Building Trust in the Digital Age.

Never before has information been so readily available. However, to ensure its integrity, trust is fundamental. 

18 Oct 2023

Organisational Resiliency

Resiliency is a proactive and recovery-oriented approach. It is the outcome of continuous risk management and the ability to recover from incidents while maintaining the continuity of key processes.

15 Sep 2023

Standardising Cyber Security Management

Cyber threats are increasing with digital transformation, reliance on third-party service providers, and geopolitical tensions. Investment in Cyber Security has become essential for businesses.

16 Aug 2023

Evolution of communication networks for the next digital era

"The next communication network generations enable better response to the needs of businesses while ensuring the security of their strategic applications for today and tomorrow."

05 Jul 2023

Reversing the Digital Pollution Trend

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) account for a significant, long-overlooked pollution.